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The Battle ahead…?

‘The Battle ahead…?’, the novel is an amazing build up from a simple Love story to an intense socio-political potboiler woven around the most controversial and now abrogated Article 370 which provided a special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir for past 70 years.
 The cover of the Book is simple yet attractive and blends well with the book’s theme.  Author has developed the characters very intelligently that do complete justice to the story line. The character of Srishti, the protagonist shows a remarkable transition from a bubbly teenager to a woman of substance who knows her rights and is ready to go any distance to fight for them. The other character that needs a mention is the mighty Dada Ji who is instrumental in bringing in that transition in Srishti. The rest of the characters provide the much needed depth to the story. Language used in the book is easy and lucid yet rich with literary connotations. As soon as you start to flip your page it gets even more interesting and just halfway through the book the story takes an intriguing deviation towards the historical overview of the accession of Jammu and Kashmir. The beauty of this part of the narration is that the history is told in a conversation between the Grandfather and Srishti with the undertones of surprise as well as humor, which makes it an interesting read.   

To sum it up, The Battle ahead…? is a truly captivating story from the word go. It walks you through the simple dreams of a young girl to the intense socio-political handicap of a constitutional modality. By way of the beautiful character build-up and the expression of the emotions felt that touch your soul, the story is a true winner.

I loved reading this book and will recommend it to whosoever has any doubts about the veracity of abrogation of Article 370, an Act that had shackled an otherwise freethinking society into a forced sense of patriarchy.

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